Cutting-Edge Radar Monitoring For Flood and Asset Resilience

About Us

Our Mission

Our mission is to revolutionize flood defense and infrastructure asset management using cutting-edge radar technology. Through innovation, technology, and collaboration, we safeguard communities and enhance resilience in the face of environmental challenges.

Our Core Technology

Next Generation Millimeter-Wave Radar

At PRAM, we harness the power of next generation millimeter-wave radar to enable condition intelligence monitoring for an array of environmental assets.

This technology introduces unparalleled capabilities previously unseen in the sector. Its combination of affordability, precision, low power consumption, and minimal maintenance makes it the ideal solution for long-term, remote sensing IoT applications. The continuous flow of accurate data enable the creation of extensive datasets, building powerful condition intelligence.

To date we have built solutions for customers around urban & rural flooding, corrosion of ducting & pipe work, structural health & deformation. We think this technology can do anything (okay almost anything). Do you have a complex asset management challenge?

Our Solutions

Condition Intelligence for Resilient Assets

Flood Warning and Real-Time Monitoring

PRAM offers advanced radar technology with early warning, predictive capabilities, and real-time monitoring of water levels and flow patterns, enabling timely alerts for potential flooding. PRAMs high-precision radar sensors facilitate accurate measurements even in remote and challenging environments, leading to enhanced safety and resource conservation.

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Culvert Monitoring

Blocked culverts can account for up to 30% of surface water flooding making culvert screens essential assets for effective flood risk management. Our radar-based monitoring moves beyond the current state of the art which involves multiple expensive sensors, to offer an affordable solution that gives flood risk managers real-time actionable intelligence with just one device. Check out our latest case study.

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Custom Applications

Companies are exploring our inexpensive monitoring solution for a wide range of different flood defense assets, including culverts, sea walls, flood walls, dams, embankments, and bridges. Additionaly, basic laboratory experiments have been conducted to predict corrosion in ventilation systems in the nuclear market. These and other applications are being researched and tested through PRAM Labs.

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Highway Flood

Our solution is a radical and urgent transformation in how assets are monitored and managed.

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